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Ephraim Dale CNMT


Here is the ways to contact us below:

I)You can contact us by email to book an appointment for the following week at or just leave a message below:


Use the number (916) 490-9659 by:

  1. Calling: If we don't pick up we may be in with a client and need to finish before calling you back or you could sent a text to the phone to get a quicker response than a message on voice mail.
  2. Texting: When choosing this option please include ( We prefer a text because we might be with a client and every client deserves to be treated like they are important and receive their massage with out interruptions) ;
  • Your Name
  • Time and Day you want the massage
  • Address of the place you want me set up at
  • Length of massage
  • Preferred modality for this massage
  • Any other important information for the therapist 

Note: A therapist should get back with you with in 24 hours or less of your contact. Our clients are our number one priority, so we give them our full attention. Thank you for understanding that our clients needs come first and its our job to serve you !


You may book now at the followiung link:




(916) 490-9659 cell

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