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We tailor our work to each clients needs. Before starting the work we give an estimate of cost and time so our clients can not only see results but also feel them. We not only offer the basics of a core massage but put in the extra mile to include Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy (sort of a medical massage) at no additional charge. Our goal is to help our clients to heal body, mind and soul. 



We use a combination of Eastern and Western massage modalities rounding out the surface issues that most people require. Others may need us to sink in to the deeper layers of tissue and melt the knots out. We can integrating the foundation of Neuromuscular Therapy and focus on structural imbalances that are causing discomfort throughout the body. Expecting mothers appreciate how we pamper her with focused attention on the problem areas  of aches and pains. Our Massage techniques help relax the mind and body in order to accomplish the clients goals.


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